Episode 54: Calling All GoofsEpisode 53: As Goof Would Have ItEpisode 52: Come Fly With MeEpisode 51: GymnauseumEpisode 50: Winter BlunderlandEpisode 49: Where Theres A Will Theres A GoofEpisode 48: Nightmare On Goof StreetEpisode 47: Window PainsEpisode 46: Rally Round The GoofEpisode 45: Big City BluesEpisode 44: For Petes SakeEpisode 43: Mrs SpoonervilleEpisode 42: The Incredible BulkEpisode 41: And Baby Makes ThreeEpisode 40: In Goof We TrustEpisode 39: Petes Day At The RacesEpisode 38: E MC GoofEpisode 37: FrankengoofEpisode 36: Lethal GoofinEpisode 35: Goodbye Mr. GoofyEpisode 34: Goof Under My RoofEpisode 33: A Goof Of The PeopleEpisode 32: Major GoofEpisode 31: Tub Be Or Not Tub BeEpisode 30: Hallow-WeeniesEpisode 29: To Heir Is HumanEpisode 28: All The Goof Thats Fit To PrintEpisode 27: The UngoofablesEpisode 26: Waste Makes Haste Episode 25: Cats Entertainment Episode 24: Fools GoldEpisode 23: Terminal PeteEpisode 22: Shake Rattle And GoofEpisode 21: Inspector GoofyEpisode 20: Leader Of The PackEpisode 19: Goofin Hood And His Melancholy MenEpisode 18: Max-imum Protection Episode 17: Wrecks, Lies And VideotapeEpisode 16: Take Me Out Of The Ball GameEpisode 15: Hot Air Episode 14: Date With DestinyEpisode 13: Where There's Smoke, There's Goof Episode 12: Cabana Fever Episode 11: Slightly Dinghy Episode 10: Close Encounters Of The Weird MimeEpisode 09: Meanwhile Back At The RampEpisode 08: O R-V I N-V UEpisode 07: Counterfeit GoofEpisode 06: Midnight Movie MadnessEpisode 05: You Camp Take It With YouEpisode 04: Unreal EstateEpisode 03: Axed By AdditionEpisode 02: Good Neighbor GoofEpisode 01: Everything's Coming Up Goofy

Goof Troop - Season 1

Disney's lovable superstar Goofy is back in his very own show! The classic Disney character, Goofy is a single father raising his son, Max in Spoonerville. Pete, a frequent antagonist from the old cartoons, lives next door with his family.

Episode: 54/54 eps

Duration: 30 min

Quality: SD

Release: 1992

IMDb: 6.9